Instructions for Presenters

Congratulations to all researchers who have been awarded a presentation at the Back & Neck Pain Forum in 2021!

Below you will find details about your allocated presentation time. This page will also provide further information about the virtual conference software we are using, Virbela, as well as how your presentations will work.

Back and Neck Pain Forum – Full Program download

Presenter Training Dates:

Training sessionsEastern Standard Time
(North America)
Central European TimeAustralian Eastern Daylight Time
Training on Virbela Event Campus EU1*
(private virtual world where LBNP Forum event will be hosted)
Session 99am Friday 5th Nov2pm Friday 3rd Nov12am Saturday 6th Nov
Session 105pm Friday 5th Nov10pm Friday 5th Nov8am Saturday 6th Nov
Session 11Sunday 7th November 4pm EST
(NB: Daylight savings in this time zone ends on this morning)
Sunday 7th November 10pm CETMonday 8th November 8am
Session 12Monday 8th November 3amMonday 8th November 9amMonday 8th November 7pm
Session 13Monday 8th November 4pmMonday 8th November 10pmTuesday 9th November 8amĀ 
Session 14Tuesday 9th November 3amTuesday 9th November 9amTuesday 9th November 7pm
General Virbela Walkthrough and Poster training (all delegates)Tuesday 9th November 4pmTuesday 9th November 10pmWednesday 10th November 8am
General Virbela Walkthrough and Poster training (all delegates) Wednesday 10th November 3amWednesday 10th November 9amWednesday 10th November 7pm
*a link to download the EU1 campus will be sent to delegates. All training from this time will take place in the EU1 campus

All activity for the Forum will now take place on the EU1 Virbela Campus, not the Open Campus which we had originally directed you towards. This includes all presentation practice sessions which will now take place on the EU1 Campus.

You will receive a link directly from the Virbela Events Team which will give you an invitation to enter the EU1 Campus and details on how to download it. This link will be sent to the email address used when you originally signed up for the Forum. This email may have been sent out already and so please ensure you check your spam emails folder for this. You do not need to download the Open Campus to be able to access the EU1 Campus. When the download is complete you will be asked to create your own login and password for access to the Forum area. You should not need a password from us to be able to access the virtual campus.

Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the download and set-up of the EU1 Campus. If you previously created an avatar in the Open Campus you will still need to create a new avatar in the EU1 Campus.

Have fun!

The conference organising committee.